Tuesday, November 13, 2007

His Grappa

Many new-found loves & old tried and true traditions...The Peter we knew would slip out of a boring corporate party to buy a bottle of Nonnino Grappa to share instead...


DavidHecht said...

Grappa, Lambrusco, Proseco, sausages, cheeses, bar-b-que. I always ate well with Peter and seemed to always learn something about what I was eating that I didn't know before the meal started or bottle was opened. I have so many great gastronomic memories from weekends at the Ukiah ranch, to a donut shop at sunrise, a Transmission Gallery dinner, and dinners at the now closed Ponte Vecchio in the Mission. We got to know the owner of Ponte Vecchio, a native of Florence, who liked grappa but could not serve it due to his liquor license. That couldn't stop Peter. We trekked to a liquor store in the Castro that he said had the best grappa selection. We bought a bottle and returned to the restaurant and waited until most of the other customers were gone before we set the bottle on our table and shared one with the proprietor. I think we consumed half the bottle and left the rest for next time. However, when we returned a few weeks later and told the owner that we looked forward to sharing more grappa with him after dinner he told us he drank the rest of it since our last visit. So we left and picked up another bottle, drank most of it and told the owner we would bring more next time, which we continued to do the next year. Peter, my friend, I'll miss you dearly because you made me laugh, made me think, and made dining, design, and art great adventures. Cheers to you.

Anonymous said...

For Pic with Peter and his beloved Grappa go to:

Robert said...

Peter threw the best dinner parties - those amazing recipes out of that crazy Italian cookbook. Most of all, I enjoyed engaging Peter in italian, our talks about art, and his spirited demeanor. I feel the loss.

Un abbraccione, Pietro!

Anonymous said...

I was with Peter for one of those boring corporate parties when we snuck out and drank a bottle of Nonnino. He liked Prosecco also. For a eulogy I wrote for him go to http//:my.lifeinitaly.com and look for new posting "A small tribute for two friends who pass away..."

I shared Peter's love for Italy and I will miss him sorely,

Brian h. Appleton

psaal said...

Well, I was trying to figure out where to leave my regards. When I saw "His Grappa" I knew this was the place. We met in Shirdel's studio at SCI-Arc. After a crit, we applied some grappa to our wounded egos. I thought that's where it started, but seeing this, who knows?

The last time I saw Peter, probably in '92, we split a bottle of Bookers and gabbed all night about his Next computer and generally deconstructed all manner of stuff.

I will always remember that devilish gleam in his eye when he brought out the bottle and exclaimed "Bookers!". And the mother of all hangovers the next day.

Sad we won't be able to do that again, good memories will have to suffice.